The Brown Mile

Let me ask you a rhetorical question… In our business, is there any doubt that we spend more waking hours in our offices than we do anywhere else?

the kill zoneNow let me ask you something else… Then why are some people such fucking degenerates when it comes to using the bathrooms at work?

And don’t get me wrong. If I am in a bar in Manhattan and I just don’t like the place… Or maybe I felt that I was ripped off by them in some way… Or maybe I don’t like the clientele I am surrounded by, then I have no reservations in pissing all over their bathrooms. I’ve been known, when in a drunken angry stupor, to go from stall to stall soaking anything within eyeshot. But in those situations I am a) in a spot I will  never return to, and b) blatantly disrespecting people I hope never to see again.

But work is different, no? I mean, we are all kinda in it for the long haul under that one roof. Why would someone literally “shit where they eat”?

You want examples?… I’ve got plenty. But you might want to put down that sandwich before you read on. (more…)