It’s Wednesday, Yasmine…WTF!?!?

A couple people sent in this mug-shot of Yasmine Bleeth for WTF- Wednesday…

Looks like life has been dealing Yasmine a steady diet of left jabs.

According to her bio, the name Yasmine is Arabic for “fragrant flower”. However, it looks like the only thing this flower smells like is stale potato chips and semen. Whereas Bleeth is actually derived from the German word for “blood”… Which is symbolic of all the intravenous drugs this fragrant flower main-lined in the late 90’s.

This broad has been off the radar for so long, I almost forgot how stunning she was in her prime…

Yasmine Bleeth… What the fuck happened? (and I think the answer is – cocaine happened)

Take a report.


PS: I know that people look their worst in mug-shots, so Yasmine’s probably getting the short end of the straw here (Get it? She’s a coke-head, and uses straws all the time!). But check out this mug-shot of Carmen Electra…

Doesn’t she look like one of those “dirty girls” who probably blew the police chief for the luxury of a private cell? Kinda prison-sexy if you ask me.