41 Replies to “When the rubber hurts the road”

  1. Large, I can tell you are already spending too much time of Facebook. Don’t kid yourself. It’s ok peek into the rhelm of the young college types but we are all well past our prime. Take a bumper sticker! Go State! Report!

  2. you weren’t lying large …..Rochester Big & Tall carries some serious stuff. quit ur bitching…that green sign up ahead says next rest area 1/2 mile. looks like some great choices too..TCBY, Roy Rogers, Taco Bell, Burger King.

  3. Might want to look into puttin a diesel in that biatch, few modifications and you can run it off fast food oil’s…

  4. …..look fat cuz you are fucking fat. nice license plate. getting that for my car and harley. which, incidentally, is a fatboy.

  5. Dylan Ratigan wears suits a size too small,is always coked up and wears a really gay panama hat. C’mon, who wears panama hats?

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  7. Gotta admit the man has balls being out there on that mini bike. although you’d be “hard pressed” to find them under that heap of Fumunda.

  8. looks like a portable home that is being transported. this looks like some of the aaa rated paper that will get dumped on the taxpayer

  9. Donger, yes – KO eats corn the long way, owns a Vespa, played lacrosse in college, and is a silent investor in the Nervous Gerbil.

  10. I’d like to jam Olberman up Barney Frank’s ass but they both would enjoy it too much. Saw Barney the male page rapist on t.v. this morning. He still had dried man-gravy on his chin and was walkin’ funny.

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