It’s Wednesday, Yasmine…WTF!?!?

A couple people sent in this mug-shot of Yasmine Bleeth for WTF- Wednesday…

Looks like life has been dealing Yasmine a steady diet of left jabs.

According to her bio, the name Yasmine is Arabic for “fragrant flower”. However, it looks like the only thing this flower smells like is stale potato chips and semen. Whereas Bleeth is actually derived from the German word for “blood”… Which is symbolic of all the intravenous drugs this fragrant flower main-lined in the late 90’s.

This broad has been off the radar for so long, I almost forgot how stunning she was in her prime…

Yasmine Bleeth… What the fuck happened? (and I think the answer is – cocaine happened)

Take a report.


PS: I know that people look their worst in mug-shots, so Yasmine’s probably getting the short end of the straw here (Get it? She’s a coke-head, and uses straws all the time!). But check out this mug-shot of Carmen Electra…

Doesn’t she look like one of those “dirty girls” who probably blew the police chief for the luxury of a private cell? Kinda prison-sexy if you ask me.

44 Replies to “It’s Wednesday, Yasmine…WTF!?!?”

  1. I dont think she looks THAT bad..nor was aI a big fan of when she was younger and sexier. Relatively speaking, I think she is holding in OK— a few hours of sleep, make-up and a a new shirt and she looks pretty good for a 40 something year od washed up actress. Report NOT given. Maestro OUT.

  2. I dont care who carmen electra has blown or fucked, or what diseases she has.
    She is still 100% grade A meat.

    At least you know what you are getting when you buy her.
    No surprises.

  3. C.C.- you sound like that d-bag from Adam Sandlers “Wedding Singer” “100% grade A meat”….are you listening to the Miami Vice soundtrack while you TAR?

  4. whose looking at her face…im wondering if there is some hidden message or if it is just creative photography in the got milk? picture…her moose knuck is shifted to her left side and only her left nipple is hard – yet she is holding her milk in her right hand…ideas?

  5. Just noticed the conspicuous lack of moose knuckle in Jas’s bathing suit shot. Do they have “preventers” for that? Must be because you know that vaayge has been hit harder than a two-seam fastball…

  6. I find the 70’s-80’s-Early 90’s high cut bathing suits and thongs much more enticing. Only problem is the are usually packing the hip to hipper haircut down below.

  7. Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

    Half of these celebs would look beat up with no make up on, they air brush the shit out of most their pics.

  8. Biographical perfection Cheese….title of her last movie? 2003’s straight to DVD hit “Game Over”!!!!

  9. I’m in the Yasmin doesn’t look too bad camp. Considering what she put herself through, I say after I bailed her out, I’d clean her up in a jif. Then I’d be nailing her poolside w/in 2 hrs. If she got tired, I’d feed her more booger sugar & belinis & have her call her similiarly washed up lifeguard girlie friends to come join in- game on! Carmen can’t come to my pool party. She sucked & Fucked not only Rodman, but the equally annoying and androginously nasty Dave Navaro – no getting past that.

  10. I would have still done Carmen if Dennis Rodman had been there first. Call me old fashion, but I like my dick to touch both sides at the same time.

  11. of all the baywatch chicks…i’m bid for T Bingham…i’ve got the fever of the jungle…what can i say?

  12. Nicole Eggert — until she banged both Cory Haim AND Feldman in Blown Away. I can understain Haim, but FELDMAN!?? Cumdumpster…

  13. Bleeth acknowledges severe coke problem, then marries a guy who owns strip clubs in Detroit. Good choice. Guys who own strip club are never involved in things like coke. Lots to do in Detroit too.

  14. Eggert is still blazing….that skinny biatch…the head lifeguard…i’d rather smash the chick on the hood of the subaru from last week.

  15. I blame Yasmine’s downfall on Pauly Shore and that stupid movie…………Son-in-Law. I also noticed in her hot picture a “bump” down below which means she had that 80’s-90’s rug going.

  16. I dont get it? Why do all the celebrities get pinched by the cops. Not saying Yasmine has 100 mln in the bank but cant these people afford drivers? Or some lackie whose job is to just keep these mutts out of trouble. If you do drugs, do them at home, if you get wasted, get a fucking car service. If your out, get some 6 ft 4 martial arts cage fighter to be your body guard. If I had that $$, I’d never leave the hosue. Ship talent into my own bar , on my own estate and do whatever the fuck i want, out of reach of the law

  17. Hockey Dad…think you are confusing Yasmine for either Carla Gugino, or Tiffani Amber Thiessen…..cause she was not it that movie……tighten it up pops….or else keep it on the ice

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