You must be THIS TALL to keep living

I’m a big “live and let live” type guy, but isn’t it about time that Emmanuel Lewis kills himself?

I don’t think he’s a bad person or anything. I just think he had a really, really good run in the mid-80’s with the whole “Webster” thing. And he certainly rode that gravy train ’til they kicked him off
screaming. But now he’s just a baby-faced freak who creeps me the fuck out.

I don’t hate you, Little Man, but go fetch Uncle Large his shotgun, ’cause it’s time to go.

Take a report.


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  1. what do you think makes webster more suicidal…michael jackson going bankrupt and fleeing to dubai OR watching mini-me’s sex tape and realizing that he’ll never get a piece of full-sized ass like that again?

  2. Crazy Craig, that shit is funny.

    looks like that genetic disaster is leaning a bit left and about to “yard sale” into the Xmas Tree.

  3. Good call, creepy phucking Milk Dud – MJ was tapping that back in the day, must have been a payout since he isn’t working mall security like his midget friend Gary Coleman

  4. I’m so sick & tired of the guys with SMALL MAN SYNDROME (aka Napolean complex). for the love of god, go be an actor or something. or join a fuckin circus…just leave for pete’s sakes!!!!!! go away!!!! please!

  5. I loved that show. George Papadopolous was the best dad.

    [Agreed. George was a kind father with a wonderful mustache.

    Worst dad: Mr. Drummond…douchebag. Best mom – Jami Gertz from ‘Still Standing’ – her reruns make me late for work because I will not leave her. Worst mom – Mrs. Huxtable…the devil.

    Large has his thing for Marki Post. I have Jami Gertz. My dad, who is as stodgy as Brimsley, once remarked in passing that Buffy (the vampire slayer) is 5000 years old, so I guess he’s a Geller man. My brother and I still laugh about that.]

  6. How is this little prick still in the media? I think Webster was on the air for like 4 years at best. Fuck Emannuel Lewis- that creepy little bastard.

  7. best. post. ever. What a weird little creeper…I could think of a few other fellas that need to be put out of their misery as well…how bout the two Coreys while we’re at it.

  8. Large, while ya got your shutgun out, please also grab gary coleman while you are at it. am sure if put them side by side, you should still only need to use one shell.

  9. Webster would have been great in Time Bandits. Also, what was with all of those secret passages in Websters house? Was that so the old man in the basement could slip in Websters room unnoticed to give him multiple black and white milkshake reports?

  10. Hong Kong Euey. Are you mixing one show about a little black kid being adopted by white folk with another show about a little black kid being adopted by white folk, and mixing Webster up with Dudley and the basement with the bike shop?

  11. can we put that pic of Ashley and Mom up on the home page Admin..i’m fascinated with these 2 cum guzzlers

  12. Patrick M. That is hilarious! I have tears in my eyes laughing right now. I am now coming to realize that the 80’s TV sitcoms have totally warped my mind and the way I think today. Was that the dream of the Afro American youth growing up in the 80’s? I want to be a black midget so I can be adopted by a rich white family? Webster and Diff’rent Strokes??? Maybe Al Sharpton needs to do some serious investigating into this matter. I am sure he will get some money from those studios that put false hopes into all of those youngsters that never made it to the good life living with the white family. [img][/img]

  13. Dudley was pounded into submission by Carlson’s vanilla gorilla. Again and again … I think he’s still in therapy trying to undo those reports.

    This was pre-Who’s the Boss, so instead of “The Danza Slap” Carlson was delivering the “Who’s My Little Buddy?”, inspired by the Skipper.

  14. Who knew that owning a bike shop, and buggering young urbanites, was a springboard to managing a radio station in a mid-level market?

  15. where does pre-carlton alfonso on silver spoons rank in the hierarchy of black midget mascots from 80s sitcoms?

  16. Looks like you could drive a bigwheel between his bowed legs, iffin he was taller than one, which he aint

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