Doesn’t everyone?

They probably should’ve cut the old guy’s mic off, but I guess the cat’s out of the bag now… Ernest Borgnine loves to take reports on himself.

God bless you, you old son-of-a-bitch.


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  1. Anyone want to calculate life-gallons?

    Got to be three or four of the milky mix.

    He’s prolly done reports on Fay Wray all the way to the Gold medal female Volley Ball team tonight. ( or he’s still on Greg Louganis, I dont know this Clowns act)

  2. They had a great opportunity to ask the happy old geezer what he thinks about when he is setting these individual report records. He seemed nutty enough to actually answer that. But they bleeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww it.
    Stlll, very funny segment.

  3. What a good old reporter Ernie is. He’s the Wilt Chamberlin of report taking. God bless him. I’m gonna go take a report myself. Right now. Like a toast to the champ.

  4. He’s still banging Tova into the pillows and taking the time to rub one out at age 90. Friggin’ Ernie has to get his daily nut!

  5. ….giving it the old Captain Binghampton……I wonder how many times Fuji might have rubbed one out for him?

  6. How about the Slut anchor who goes “I LOVE this guy!”

    [You know if they showed a little more decorum, we might have learned some more useful secrets.]

  7. Saw this the other day and I still laugh at loud at this wacky old fuck.

    Speaking of reports, I’d love to give that Megyn Kelly a few pints of my finest man chowder! Sluts

  8. Howard Stern…..? People still listen to him. I’m as short him as I am that dog shit stock he works for.

    FOX news has the hottest chicks…but as I’ve said in the past…Mandy Drury on CNBC in the mornings….I’d hack a finger off

  9. Howard Stern! With that video I can truly say that I have heard more from Ernest Borgnine than I have from Stern this year.

  10. FOX hotter than CNBC, E.B.? Did you notice CNBC has let Michelle Caruso-Cabrera’s nuclear-tipped bombs back out this a.m.? Must be going into ratings season.

    Ernie’s probably manning his Jergen’s station right now…

  11. i can’t believe the news anchor shakes his hand immediately after he divulges his “secret”…probably Ernest’s version of the stink palm.

  12. MCC def has bombs but the face looks like the guy who changes my brakes….Large/admin need to post all the pics of the news channel gash and we need to vote

    A Glick is still my everest

  13. EB, I had coffee with Mandy in Singapore. She is smoking in person. Nice too. But married.

    This makes me recall a post from

    “With a body like that I would just stay home and play..” or something to that effect.

    Ernie does just that-but the body is a bit different.

  14. saw mandy in person in 2003 HAMMERS…total bolt ons…have been using that spank bank deposit for giving reports since

  15. Balsac -classic.

    I want to slam Megyn Kelly every morning. Liz Claman’s tits make me jump up and down. Alexis Glick has the best head mouth. MCC may not
    be great looking but i bet she is the wildest. Robin Meade is a killer.

  16. been stroking for way to long already and the thought of knowing that there is a very good chance I will be stroking it for the next 65 years is to much for me to handle… I am calling it a day.

  17. “M.T. Balsac Says:
    August 21st, 2008 at 9:59 am

    He just signed a deal with Viagra, “When the moment is right, don’t disappoint yourself…”

    lol, now in ez swallow shake form

  18. Sidebar for the bored: CNBC’s MCC now has her jacket back on. Those untethered howitzers must have set off alarm bells at the FCC. Can just hear the show’s director; “Ah Michelle, its the bombs again…we’re getting calls from church groups and TAR readers…”

  19. here i was thinking this guy eclipsed as dominic santini on airwolf, and now here he is taking reports all over fox news, stringfellow hawke would be proud.

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