True then, true now

I cant stand those “bud” earphones that tuck into your ears. I am one of the 6 billion people with an I-Pod, and I guess that’s what Sony throws in with the package.

One of the annoying things is when a friend has a good song on his I-Pod, so he gives you his buds and asks you to, “Take a listen.”

Know what I do when that happens?

I tell my pal that I have a real problem mixing ear-wax with him and that he’s got a better chance of me blowing him than me putting those things in my ears. There isn’t a song made that would make me share ear fluids with another dude. Just not happening.

Plus I like those big ass headphones that DJ’s wear.¬†Feel like I’m in a “musical cocoon” when I slip them big sons-of-bitches on.

Take a report.


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